About Us

The Abilities Development Centre is a private Centre that specializes in training, evaluating and developing ability for children suffering from mild to medium mental handicap and Autism.

The Centre seeks to assimilate these children into the society by all the possible means of specialized teaching, psychological training and social programs. The Centre’s aim is to improve their behavior and learning abilities so that they can eventually be integrated into normal schools.

Our goals

Enabling children with special needs to develop their abilities to the highest possible level, and to prepare them according to their abilities to make it easier for them to assimilate into normal schools and the society in general.

Our Vision

Preparing …

Student number:

The Centre started with 22 students, after that the students numbers increased to 71 students from different nationalities.

Teachers strength:

The Centre started with 10 Teachers and Specialists, and increased to 27 to match with the increased student number. 

Accompanying Services:

  • Eight educational classes
  • Three specialists in speech and language therapy
  • Computer education room
  • Arts education
  • Sensory-integration therapy services (Sensory room)
  • Music therapy services (Music room)
  • Vocational Preparation (This department involves 15 students who do manual work, technical work, printing, loom, knitwear, carpentry, coloring on glass, and recycling newspapers, old fabrics, and a lot of other materials.

Activities and Events:

  • Equestrian Activity
  • Educational lectures in schools and universities raising awareness about Autism
  • University and school students visits to the Center
  • Participating in exhibitions
  • Sports Tournament organized by the Center and participating in tournaments organized by other centers
  • Autism Awareness Campaign (Organized by the Centre since 2009). It involves many events including a walk on the Corniche including 1500 people, lectures at some schools, visiting schools and having schools visiting us, open day for students, and other events


Center’s Revenue:

The Center’s revenue is limited to:

  • The students’ fees paid by the parents, and some fees paid partially by the Red Crescent. Noting that there is a number of students who cannot pay the fees and there is a document attached with their names.
  • Fees of Assessment sessions and Evening Individualized sessions are considered overtime in school.